ZSC Lions Eishockey AG

For the ZSC Lions, speed and low rates of error count – both on the ice and off. cleo is used for their social media as well as directly on the jumbotrons of Zurich’s Hallenstadion stadium. A wide range of eye-catching templates provide information to fans about current game statistics, the lineup, or even players’ birthdays.

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Suisse Rugby

The Swiss Rugby Federation is the head organisation for the approximately 180 swiss rugby teams. With so many clubs, it's not always easy to provide consistent and uncomplicated reporting on all aspects of the game - but with cleo it is. The association relies on cleo templates to keep rugby fans up to date: Match Day, line-ups, results, news. Fast and easy with cleo!

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Roth Gerüste AG

Each month, Roth Gerüste AG presents a current project on the company’s website under the slogan “When Beautiful Things Happen.” Using cleo, new videos that can be used on LinkedIn and Instagram are created. Roth Gerüste AG is also planning to use cleo for advertising vacancies to attract more attention in the future.

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Swiss-Ski uses cleo on a grand scale, with the association communicating about 11 sports and 290 athletes. Before each race, the respective starting lineup is shared with followers on its social-media channels. Content is created for 8 channels on Instagram alone, and even for 15 on Facebook. Through its active use, Swiss-Ski contributes to further development of cleo.

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Grasshopper Football Ltd

The Grasshoppers use cleo on social media to keep their fans up to date on what is happening with the team. The club topics include Matchday, Goal, Save, and Man of the Match. Of course, the look is completely blue and white – the Grasshopper colors.

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Thurgauer Eishockey Ltd

Many action-packed moments as well as a wide range of content are shared in the course of an ice hockey season. Whether it’s match announcements, match summaries, player commitments, concluded sponsorship contracts, news, or special promotions: with a total of six cleo templates created, HC Thurgau is well equipped for every situation and can inform its fans on its social-media channels in a manner of seconds.

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Getränke Hahn AG

Getränke Hahn AG has been advising and supplying its customers since 1907. Whether from their shop in Frauenfeld or via online shop. This is exactly where cleo comes to play. With cleo, new videos are created for inspirations or product promotions, which are brought to the customer via social media channels or at the point of sale. Eye-catching, fast and with your own brand look.

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Swiss Floorball

397 clubs, 2,196 teams and lots of exciting stories: This is exactly what Swiss Floorball wants to tell its fans via social media. Match schedules, match announcements and player line-ups are not hidden from interested parties and are issued uniformly and effectively with cleo templates.

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Switzerland has always been one of the world's top curling nations. For this reason, and because 163 clubs throughout Switzerland provide a huge amount of game content for their fans, the SwissCurling Association was looking for a harmonised information solution. With cleo templates for game teasers and results, it is now possible for the association to inform fans easily and almost in real time about what's happening in the game and to keep them always up to date.

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