Branded Content for Your Digital Channels

cleo allows you to create short videos and animations for your website, social-media channels, or point-of-sale screens – quickly, without requiring any previous knowledge, and in the look of your brand.

You want to attract attention regularly with short videos and animations, but you lack the knowledge and time to become versed in professional design programs?

Then cleo is the answer for you:

1 – Your Template

Our professionals develop your video template in accordance with your needs – and of course in the look of your brand.

2 – Your Account

Your template then becomes part of your cleo account, where you can redefine the variable elements with each use. Interfaces for live data are also possible.

3 – Your Content

Once you have defined all the elements and chosen the format, cleo renders your video so that you can use it on the desired channel.

Job postings?
Product promotions?
Sports scores?

cleo is the web tool for easily creating recurring content – whether videos, animations, or infographics – all in the look of your brand.

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