At cleo, you get professional advice and fair pricing. The schedule of prices and template examples give you an idea of the expected costs. You can learn about additional details in the free initial consultation.

One-Time Costs

  • Account Setup

    Basic installation of cleo
    Import of your data

    CHF 600.00
  • Template Creation

    Costs vary depending on the template (examples)

    From CHF 350.00
From CHF 950.00

Annual Costs

  • Basic fee per account

    Operation of the infrastructure
    Further development and support

    CHF 750.00
  • Fee per template

    Computing power and storage space in the cloud

    CHF 500.00
From CHF 1250.00 / year
  • Free initial consultation with our specialists
  • Custom templates designed by professionals
  • Transparent pricing
  • Interface for live data possible
  • Connection to PIM systems possible
  • Unlimited rendering

Examples: Templates

These examples give you a general impression of the cost of creating a template. On request, we would be happy to provide you with a tailored cost estimate.

Example 1: Simple Template

Example 1 shows a template with a simple animation. In the cleo account, the client can flexibly adjust the product image, product name, and price. Development of this template (in the brand look of the client) would cost about CHF 350.

Cost of Creation
CHF 350.00

Example 2: Complex Template

Example 2 shows a more complex template that would be correspondingly more expensive to develop. The client can not only flexibly adjust the product image, name, and price, but also choose a background video and sound from a library. Development of a template of this complexity would cost about CHF 950.

Cost of Creation
CHF 950.00

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